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About us 

IDS known as a production company, is specialized in constructing all kinds of exhibitions in Asia and Europe. We deliver comprehensive services including carpentry, landscaping, virtual experiences, lighting effects, programming and so on. IDS plays a crucial role in bringing client’s exhibition to life, creating immersive experiences that engage and captivate audiences. We transform environments through the strategic use of lighting and programme to enhance aesthetics and ambiance.

We work closely with clients, such as museums, galleries, corporations, trade associations, event organizers and artists. By understanding their objectives and design, we provide the most suitable solutions to meet their specific needs. We combine artistic and creative vision with logistical expertise to transform concepts and ideas into tangible, visually stunning displays.

In addition to physical aspects, IDS also provides solutions related to certificate and license. We ensure that all necessary permits and safety requirements are met, and handle the installation and dismantling of exhibits, as well as transportation and storage of artifacts or exhibits.

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