R SIDE Motorcycle Cable Clutch Master Cylinder Hydraulic Brake Clutch Pump 22mm

R SIDE Motorcycle Cable Clutch Master Cylinder Hydraulic Brake Clutch Pump 22mm


- Housing is casted aluminium & piston is made of special stainless steel

- Levers are made of aluminium and anodized

- Quantity: 1PC Right

Piston diameter: 19 RCS

- Colour :Black

- Condition: 100% Guarantee Brand New

- Material:Machined CNC Billt T6065-T6 Aluminum

-Housing is casted aluminium & piston is made of special stainless steel.


-Oil seal screw diameter: 10 * 1.25mm

-Surface treatment: hard anodizing

-motorcycle brake master cylinder

-19 Rcs with brake switch

-fit for 22mm handlebar

-fluid tank,bracket,fastener,clamps included.



"Applicable model" universal motorcycle electric vehicle universal 22mm retainer can be fixed applicable


"Product introduction" direct lying on the pump installation part needs to be modified installation, such as the car housing installation position space is not enough power-off switch is the role of the brake work after the internal hydraulic induction switch, after the close will break the acceleration function, rear tail light to light, motorcycle electronic fire needs to use the power-off switch,Large thrust piston brake effect easy control. Adjustable brake distance, maximum adjustable 5cm 


The radial master cylinder has effectively revolutionized motorcycle braking systems over the past ten years. Designed originally for use on racing machines,it has become more and more popular over time for Super Sport, and even naked bikes,while retaining the identity of an out-and-out racing component, still used today in MotoGP competition.     


Today, bike enthusiasts everywhere can upgrade the braking system on their machines simply by replacing the production master cylinder with a radial.      


Why radial? The definition indicates a configuration whereby force can be transmitted to the piston in phase with the force applied by hand to the lever,eliminating the friction that would be generated if these forces were separated. In other words, the effort exerted by hand on the lever and the force applied by the lever to the piston are both generated in the same direction radially relative to the point where the cylinder is anchored, i.e. the handlebar. With this type of construction, the master cylinder can be designed with the focus on optimizing hydraulic and mechanical ratios, and consequently on improving its performance. This means that the force applied to the lever can be converted entirely into powerful, dependable and precise braking action.


Package include:   

1 Piece Right side   



Universal fitment, fit on most brand 100c.c. to 600 c.c.Sport bike / Street bike / Scooter / Dirt Bike with 7/8" (22mm) Standard Handle bars.